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Located in the city of Pereira in front of the Matecaña International Airport, Epic Suites is a project that consists of 52 properties with the characteristic of being real estate units of services, which are intended for daily rental with tourist destination. The project has within its common areas: a lobby, an elevator, a power plant with full coverage, a laundry, a social area equipped with kitchen bar, meeting room, terrace and coworking. In addition, parking for each property and a double-height commercial space on the first level.

A real estate project based on unique urban designs. In a high value area strategically located in Baru with access to the bay of Cartagena and the open sea. With a “Progressive Housing” approach that allows a staggered purchase that adapts to your needs. In addition, a variety of landscapes: mangroves, forests, ecosystems and coral reefs and unexplored beaches.

With an exceptional location on the stunning Baru Island, this exclusive development offers the possibility of acquiring land for the construction of villas for short-term rentals in one of the most paradisiacal areas of Colombia. An innovative proposal that combines luxury, strategic location and impressive growth potential.

Modern double-height lofts, specifically designed for short stays. Versatile in design and equipment, with capacity for up to four guests. With common areas designed to maximize your income and efficiency. Strategically located in an area in constant growth and with quick access to major roads, different transportation options, restaurants and universities.

Double-height loft-style studio apartment project, ideal for short term rentals. Located in an area of high value and comfort, close to main roads, transportation, restaurants and universities. Flexible studio apartments for its design and equipment with capacity for up to four guests. It also includes common areas to maximize income and efficiency.

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