Cartagena Guide

Definitive guide for your next trip to Cartagena

In another chapter of #AheadRecommends, no matter if you have a half day trip or a weekend, we recommend you what to do during your visit in this wonderful city.

Exploring the interior of the Walled City is your best option. In the historic center you can appreciate the colonial architecture. Take a stroll through the cobblestone streets and enjoy a good rest in a city square at the end.

Then, we recommend 51 SkyBar, located in Bocagrande. The party here reaches the sky. This is the highest bar in Colombia, and has a 360º degree view of the entire city. The view is incredible! 

Next, we recommend visiting Townhouse Boutique Art Hotel & Rooftop Bar, this place is ideal for the most passionate and above all, the most sophisticated.

We also recommend another of our favorites: Makani Luxury Beach Club, Isla de Tierra Bomba, where daydreaming becomes reality. Vibes: Phone off, Beach on.

And last but not least: Botika Santa Clara Bar, El Torno, this is the best place to heal your pleasure.

If you want to live the experience with Ahead you can follow some of our #AheadRecommends. And, if you are looking for tranquility, relaxation and comfort we suggest taking a look at our property Casa Cruz Centro or if you are looking to go sightseeing, visit the beaches and have a great time, we recommend Ferrara, where tranquility, minimalism and small details come together.

You can enjoy all this with Ahead, book any of the many options we have for you and enjoy the magic and charm of the walled city. 

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