Ideal 3-Day Itinerary in Cartagena

Welcome to Cartagena! One of the most charming destinations in Colombia, known for its impressive colonial architecture and rich history. In this edition of “Ahead Recommends,” we’ll share ideas to explore the history, culture, and much more that this city has to offer.

Exploring the Old City of Cartagena

Begin your adventure in the Old City, a site declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, you’ll feel transported back in time as you stroll through charming streets and squares surrounded by stunning colonial buildings with flower-filled balconies. Don’t miss the Convento de la Popa for a panoramic view of the city.

Discovering History on the Walls

The imposing walls of Cartagena are a symbol of its history. You can walk or bike along them with views of the sea and the city. Be sure to visit the fortresses of San Felipe and San Sebastián del Pastelillo to learn more about the city’s defense.

Dreamy Beaches

Cartagena boasts beautiful and relaxing beaches. Playa Blanca on Isla Barú is famous for its white sand and crystal-clear waters. You can also enjoy the beaches near the city, such as Bocagrande and Castillogrande, for a sunny day by the sea.

Indulge in Caribbean Cuisine

Savor the delicious Cartagena cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste dishes like arepa de huevo, shrimp ceviche, and coconut rice. Local markets like Mercado de Bazurto offer an authentic culinary experience.

Rhythm and Culture

Cartagena is known for its vibrant nightlife. Plaza Santo Domingo and Getsemaní are popular places to enjoy live music and dance. You can also explore Afro-Caribbean culture at the Afro-Caribbean Museum.

We hope this guide helps you make the most of your stay in Cartagena. Enjoy this gem of the Colombian Caribbean and live the #AheadExperience at every step of your journey. We are committed to making your experience unforgettable.