Ahead Tips for Airbnb

At Ahead, we understand that managing a vacation rental property is no easy task, as various factors can impact its profitability. Identifying these factors can be challenging, so we’ve created this guide to help you determine what you can add or improve on your property and how you market it. Without further ado, welcome to Ahead Tips.

Improve Your Accommodation’s Presentation

With a constant flow of guests, it’s normal for a property to not be in its best condition after being vacated, and this can be a major issue when promoting it. It is crucial to provide a spotless place for guests. Having trash, dirty bathrooms, disorganized or unwashed beds can negatively impact property reviews and ratings. Common cleaning mistakes, such as hairs on sheets and under beds, dirty bathrooms, and missing kitchen utensils, should not be overlooked. Ignoring these details will decrease your property’s reputation and rental potential.

We understand that cleanliness is a demanding task, so we recommend adding a cleaning fee to your listing to offset the costs of hiring professional help. To perfect the presentation of your property, use professional photos for promotion. A good image will easily captivate potential clients.

Offer Interesting Places And Activities

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a destination and not knowing what to do. Therefore, recommending activities and places to your guests adds value. Help them have a unique experience that makes them feel like locals—show them that typical restaurant, hidden bar or café, or lesser-known fair! You can compile these activities and places in a guide to give to guests, but for a more personalized experience, we recommend using the “Custom Maps” feature on Google Maps.

Providing your guests with that extra attention will make them empathize more with you, increasing the likelihood of recommendations to friends or family when they are looking for accommodation.

Clearly State Rules And Regulations

Just as there are people who respect the spaces they are in, there are also those who do the opposite. The same applies to guests, so we encourage you to provide a manual with all the rules and regulations of your property. Be as clear and specific as possible to avoid issues and even legal problems with your guests.

It’s important to emphasize reading the rule manual, as if guests don’t have access to it or don’t read it, they may engage in activities you disagree with. When you address this, they might leave negative comments about the property.

Pay Attention To Your Platform Positioning

One of the key factors for good performance is the positioning of your property on different platforms. The main components to monitor are star reviews; reviews are the most important indicator of whether your Airbnb will succeed or not. This will build Airbnb’s confidence in your property to offer an excellent experience to its guests. The second is a 100% response rate. Aim for a response rate of at least 90% to qualify as a Superhost.

The third relevant point is allowing extended stays. Airbnb has created a new category, long-term rentals. We recommend preparing your apartment/house for these types of guests. To do this, you need to organize your property with the necessary items like a complete set of pots and other utensils. This requires extra spending, but it also allows for fixed income over a longer period—you should see it as an investment.

Finally, activate instant booking. Airbnb only charges a commission when bookings are confirmed, so the easier it is to help guests book your property, the better. Additionally, Airbnb has publicly stated that properties with instant bookings benefit from greater visibility and more reservations.

These are some tips you can start implementing to enhance your visibility, performance, and positioning on platforms. We assure you that you will see better results. We hope these tips are useful to you. Look forward to more recommendations, tips, and guides for Airbnb and vacation rentals in upcoming editions of Ahead Tips. Remember, Ahead wants to contribute and make all of this easier for you. If you’re seeking help, what are you waiting for? We can be the ideal solution for you. Contact us and let us be your trusted ally!

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