Exquisite tastes of Colombia

Colombia is a rich country in culinary diversity that stands out in each region. Colombian gastronomy is characterized by the variety of its products and the amount of interesting options. It is a original and versatile cuisine, which offers a mixture of colors, flavors and aromas to make any foodie fall in love with it. Besides, our country is gaining much recognition, particularly as a gastronomic destination in Latin America. Read on and learn more about Colombian delicacies.

International and Colombian chefs who have been trained abroad are returning to the main cities: Bogotá, Santa Marta and Cartagena, to open exquisite restaurants with an impeccable style and design, but not only that, in Colombia we are known for highlighting and paying tribute to the typical flavors of our territory.

As you can see, in Ahead we love to travel, and what’s better than traveling and taking the opportunity to get to know the gastronomy of different cultures than the one we are used to.

We start our tour in Cartagena with an exquisite fried fish accompanied by coconut rice and some delicious patacones. Next, jump to Santa Marta and try an Arepa de huevo or some carimañolas and then finish in Bogotá and taste a lovely Ajiaco in one of the oldest restaurants of the city: La Puerta Falsa.

You could live this gastronomic adventure in properties that are identified with the cities, properties that just by entering you´ll get immersed by the culture of each city. These are properties that you can find in our portfolio, full of exquisiteness, comfort and culture. It is something that we prioritize for our Ahead community and that also you can be part of. 

Book now with one of our consultants for your next gastronomic adventure and let us take care of everything while you do the important things: enjoy, travel and repeat.

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