Successful Case: Casa Bugambilia

Casa Bugambilia is a 10 apartment suite building located in Santa Marta, Colombia. Prior to Ahead’s involvement, it operated as a hotel and was not profitable at all, and with our help, it changed its business model to tourist housing, which we can briefly define as a real estate unit destined entirely to provide lodging services according to its capacity, to one or more people, and which has different amenities for the enjoyment of its guests. 

In our reports and KPIs we show a growth in profits of 120%, 280% and 173% for December, January and February respectively, from the period 2020-2021 to 2021-2022, these numbers being unattainable if it were not managed by Ahead. This growth is not a coincidence, this was thanks to a set of factors that influenced these results: starting with the Ahead x Casa Bugambilia alliance, applying constant innovation to all the processes carried out to promote the property. Little by little, people have been getting to know this property more, recognizing the good treatment of our team and the excellent reviews that we have in each reservation. In other words, the key to this growth is the confidence that developers give us to constantly find ways to improve and optimize the performance of each property.

Our essence is always the same: working from our principles of transparency and excellence, seeking to optimize the profitability of each and every one of the properties, taking care of logistics, management, marketing, total operation, sales strategies and more.

Like this succesful case, we have many more, and those that are yet to come. What are you waiting for to leave your property in the hands of Ahead?

Successful Case: Casa Bugambilia

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